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Welcome to Bodyworks Strength and Conditioning, also known as “The Den.” While you may know us for martial arts training only, Bodyworks originally started as a gym and karate center back in 1980. Powerlifting, bodybuilding and athletics were the main focus of the gym and as such will continue to be the backbone of what we provide. Many people thought the two worlds could never co-exist however, my parents showed that not only could they work together, they could thrive together. It was because of this success I have always wanted to reunite the two and get Bodyworks back to its roots.


What do we have to offer? Being a small gym allows us to work with everyone that walks through our doors. Whether you’re an athlete, powerlifter, bodybuilder or an average person just wanting to get in the best shape of your life, we have the right environment for you. We pride ourselves on being a “hardcore” gym while maintaining a level of respect and camaraderie you can’t find elsewhere. By holding regular training seminars on a variety of topics including technique, nutrition, training benefits etc. gives our members a chance to understand how to strength train properly and the many benefits it provides. Various competitions will also be a regular part of our gym as to keep our member’s goal oriented.



If you’re serious about accomplishing your goals and have the determination to do so be sure and stop by. Come see for yourself what “The Den” has to offer!


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