May 26, 2016


Strength and Conditioning:

High School Athletes:

Specific sports training in small group training blocks focused on: strength, power, speed, agility and conditioning – everything you need to excel on the field/ice/court. Training blocks run for 6 weeks at a time and meet 4 days/week. Only 3-4 athletes accepted at a time to ensure the highest level of quality.

Youth Athletes: Ages 11-13 years old

Kids from beginner to advanced can engage in a fun, safe and effective training program. Contrary to popular belief that working out with weights with weights will “stunt growth,” a properly designed resistance program will provide numerous benefits including “increased bone mineral density, increased coordination, reduced injuries in sport and recreational activities, decrease in body fat, and enhanced cardiac function” to name a few. Kids simply do better when strong and fit! Training blocks run 4 weeks at a time and meet 2 days/week. Only 3-4 athletes accepted at a time to ensure the highest level of quality.

Be sure and contact us to find out when the next training blocks are scheduled and reserve your spot!


Personal Training:

Want to get into great shape but not sure what to do when in the gym? Personal training is a great option to either start your fitness journey or get out of a plateau you may be experiencing in your current program. Get personal 1 on 1 attention with a program designed to meet your specific goals and needs. Sessions are $40.00 /hr.

Small Group Training:

Nothing beats working out with friends which is why we also offer Small Group Training. Enjoy a friendly motivating atmosphere as you and 3-4 of your closest friends experience a personal workout that is sure to keep you achieving your goals! Call now for more information and reserve your spot now!



Looking to take your strength training the highest level? Come discover what your true potential is by getting into a program specially tailored toward increasing your absolute strength. Train with the latest, and most effective techniques to ensure your achieve the highest level of strength possible. We will be putting together a team in the near future and competing on a regular basis. Call now to find out more!